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Winter Season Theme

Winter is a season of fun and exciting and events. Many, holidays and fall during the winter season. 



Rosh Hashanna

Chinese New Year

Groundhog Day

Winter Dressing Up Game

Winter Dress-up can be an easy, fun, organized, and hassle-free experience for the kids.

How to do:

DressUp Template

(instructions included with the props)

Glue them on a colored construction paper

Put them up in the locker room.

A simple solution is to play the Winter Dress Up game. Printable winter coloring pages that will indefinatly make life easier for you and the children!

How to Play:

First the snow pants! Have each child put their snow pants on. Once all the children have put their snow pants, you can pin up the pants printout on her/his prop to show that this step is completed.

Then you move on to the next item...until they are fully dressed and ready to go outside!

Winter Songs and Rhymes

Two Little Snowflakes

Way up high in the winter sky, 

2 little snowflakes caught my eye.

Down to the ground they fell without a sound.

And before very long,

It was snowing all around.

Five Little Snowman

Sung to: "5 little monkeys"

Five little snowmen riding on the sled (pretend five fingers are sledding)

One fell off and bumped his head (pretend one finger falls off...rub head)

I called Frosty and Frosty said (dial imaginary telephone)

"No more snowmen, riding on that sled!" (say in a deep voice)

Four little snowmen... etc

10 Little Icicles

Sung to: "10 Little Indians"

One little, two little, three little icicles,

Four little, five little, six little icicles,

Seven little, eight little, nine little icicles,

Ten little icicles hanging from the roof.

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