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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in different countries of the world at different times. In Canada it is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October. In the United States it is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of November.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Some fun Thanksgiving coloring pages to print out for your preschool Thanksgiving  Theme.

Horn Of Abundance
Pilgrim Activity
Thanksgiving Match Game
Turkey to Color
Turkey Puzzle

Thanksgiving Preschool Games

Put the Turkey Back Together Again Game

Cut out patterns of a turkey.  A head, body, face, feet,and 6 feathers 

Hide the part around the house.

The kids have to find the parts and put the Thanksgiving turkey back together again.

What am I?

Find pictures of different animals and glue them on a regular size sheet of paper.(One animal per sheet)

Tape an animal picture on each child's back.

Each child has to guess which animal is on his/her back.

The other kids take turns and try to help each other guess which animal by imitating it.
Tip: Depending on the age group, you can ask them to describe the animal by using descriptive words only, or by using the animal's sound.

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