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Spring Coloring Pages

Spring Coloring Pages

Spring Activity Worksheet

Spring Showers

Flower Matching Game

Spring  Time

Spring Season Songs

Spring is here

Sing to the tune of   "Farmer In The Dell"

The days of Spring are here, 

Warm, sunny days are near, 

Flowers and bees, and birds in trees. 

The days of spring are here. 

Here Comes Spring

sing to the tune of  "Three Blind Mice" 

Here comes spring,  

here comes spring.  

Bells will ring, children sing. 

New plants are shooting from the ground,  

Blossoms on the trees abound,

The earth awakens all around,  

Here comes Spring. 

Signs of Spring 

Sing to the tune of "The Muffin Man"

Do you see a sign of spring,

A sign of spring, a sign of spring? 

Do you see a sign of spring? 

Tell us what you see.

*Take a walk around the yard and have each child take turns spotting a sings of spring. 

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