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Teaching About Shapes

Once  preschoolers start learning about  Shapes they begin to see shapes everywhere in their surroundings. They become amazed by all the shapes  they can name  out there in the world.

Learning About Shapes Activities

Ways to introduce shapes to preschoolers:

 In coloring picture

In Pictures books

Making shapes with Playdough

Cookies and crackers

There are many different ways to introduce shapes in your Preschool Program.

Start by introducing the shapes individually. It is best to first tell the children what the shape is called so that they first recognize the shape  unattached to an object, then you can proceed to helping them recognize shapes in things around them.

Shape and Activity Worksheets

Square Worksheet

Shapes Coloring Pages

Songs About Shapes

 preschool shape songs.

Help  preschoolers learn about the basic shapes like  circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, by singing

Games About Shapes

I Lost a Shape

Sing to the tune of: Skip to my Lou

Sit in a circle with your group and place cut out shapes of green or color of your choice in the center.(use only one color for the shapes)

Have one child run around the circle while you all sing the song: 

Lost my (shape) what do I do? 

Lost my (shape). What so I do? 

Lost my (shape). What do I do? 

At the end of the song the child has to go in the center and pick up the lost shape.

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