Physical Activities for Children

How to Build Physical Activities into your Daily Preschool Program

Incorporating Physical Activities in your Program will help improve health for both you and the children. It will help you have more energy, move more easily and help improve your stamina.

Improving your health through physical activities for children is far more easier then you think.
Add Preschool Physical Activities in your daily routine at the preschool center.
No matter what you are doing, there is always an opportunity to do a physical activity.

Here's a list of benefits that the children and yourself can enjoy.

better health
improve fitness
better posture
better balance
stronger muscles and bones
feeling more energetic
relaxation & reduced stress
continued independence

Here's a list 3 types of Physical Activities you can incorporate in your Daily Preschool Program

1. Endurance activities

* helps your heart, lungs, and circulatory system
* Examples: walking, dancing

2. Flexibility activities

* Helps you move more easily, keeps your muscles relaxed and joints mobile
* examples: yoga, stretching,
bowling, dance

3. Strength activities

* helps muscles and bones stay strong
* improve posture
* Examples: building a snowman
building a fort

Five Fun Physical Activities to do everyday

* Stretching Songs for circle time

Head and Shoulder
Going on a Lion Hunt

More Preschool Games

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