Nativity Activity

Build a Nativity Activity Set with your Preschoolers

Nativity Activity


  • A cardboard box (approx. 20”wide X 15” high X 15”deep)
  • Dark blue, yellow and brown construction paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Empty box of tissue
  • Dough
  • Paint and paint brushes

Oven (to set the dough) ** See recipe following Directions

How to Do:

Remove the top lid and front panel from the cardboard box. This will be thesetting for your Nativity

Cover the outside of the box and back interior panel with dark blue construction paper and glue.

Cover the interior side panels and interior bottom of the box with the brown construction paper.

Have the children cut out stars in the yellow construction paper. Glue onto the back blue panel.

Cut out the top of the box. Cover the box with brown construction paper. This is your Nativity.

Make the dough recipe in advance and keep in refrigerator until ready for use with the children.

Have each child make one the Nativity characters ( Joseph, Marie, Baby Jesus, the 3 wise men and the Sheppard and Angel) during the Christmas

They can also make some livestock such as sheep, cows...

Also make a crib for baby Jesus our of the dough. And paint. You can add whatever else as decorations to the Nativity you wish!

Nativity Activity Dough Recipe

You need:

1 cup of fine salt

1 cup of arm water

2 cups of flour


Mix dry ingredients together using your hands or a spoon. If the dough is to dry add a bit of water. If too sticky add a bit of flour

Form into a ball and put in a plastic resealable bag and refrigerate.

Dough keeps for up to 1 week.

When ready to use, make sure you take out the dough from refrigerator ½ hour before the activity.

Once you have finished forming your characters, place them on a baking sheet and let those dry 12 hours or so.

Bake at 110° for about 2 hours.

Once cooled completely you may paint your nativity set.

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