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Planning your Weekly Preschool Lesson Plan

Prepare a list of themes you would like to add to your weekly preschool lesson plans. Start every week with an opening event during your circle time. This is the moment you will introduce your the theme of the week.  Introduce the theme of the week by using lots of visuals to get a conversation going. This will be the anchor from which you will build on to highlight the theme for the rest of the week. 

It a great way to find out which part of this subject most interest that particular group.  Group dynamics and interests differ from one year to the next. For example, if you introduce the farm animal theme and you find that during the discussion the children seem to be interested more in horses then simply add more pictures, books and songs about horses. End the week by asking the children what was their favorite activity from the theme of the week. Friday  is a good day to add a special activity to the closing event  to emphasize the theme It can be activities such as a trip to the zoo, museum, invite a special guest (fireman, visit to the neighborhood library...) 

Simple Lesson Plan Template

During your Daily Routine

Based on the theme you can add all types of activities to your daily routine that supports the theme of the week. You can help develop their Fine Motor skills with theme Colouring PagesBasic skills are acquired and improved through coloring pages. Add a colouring activity to your preschool lesson plans. Coloring will develop the child's eye-hand coordination and color relationship. This can include mazes, line tracing, and  dots-to-dots activity sheets. Coloring also helps children develop reading readiness skills. Here are a few colouring pages based on a theme.

Elephant Colouring Page 

Dinosaur Colouring Pages 

More Colouring Pages 

Include cutting activities  in your program at least once a week. Cutting is not easy for children. It's a required skill that develops with practice.  Don't fret about following a line! That will come with practice. If they are too stressed trying to follow the line when they are first learning to cut, there is a good chance that cutting activities for them will become a stressful activity. Cutting playdough is a great way to help them strengthen the hand muscles and movements needed in the cutting. Again you can build the theme through

Playdough Recipes 

Games include physical games that kids can play indoors and outdoors. Fine Motor skill developing games include activities such as building blocks, crafts, and science projects. Learning Games include computer games, math games, pre reading, and pre science activities. Cognitive games are those such as bead stringing, and peg games.

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