Kids and Pets

Kids and Pets

A special day to spend time with the pets. Have the kids make a special craft for their pets.  Here are a few fun and easy pet crafts to prepare with your kids for that special pet in the family.

Pets Coloring Pages

My Little Fish


Pet Crafts

Pet Collage

Magazines, calendars, birthday cards with pictures of pets. 



Construction Paper 

Cut out pictures of pets from cards, calendars and magazines. Paste them  on pieces of constructions paper.

Pet Pictures Frames 

Construction paper

Pet cut-outs pictures from magazine...




Glue cut-outs on construction paper. 

Punch two holes on each top corner

Inset a piece of yarn and hang frame on the wall.

Paper Puppy  

White, black or brown construction paper


Googly eyes



Trace  a large triangle on the brown paper. Cut out a triangle shape. 

Have the kids choose what color their dog will be.

Ear mark the long edges of the triangle for the dog's ears.   Children can glue on eyes and nose. 

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