Halloween Crafts for Kids

Hanging Little Ghosts


White tissue paper  


Old newspaper

Black marker



  • Cut out a square 8x8” piece of white tissue paper.
  • Roll a ball (size of a tennis ball) of newspaper.
  • Place the ball in the center of the tissue paper and fold the paper around it.
  • Wrap it so that it forms a ball with a skirt. 
  • Tie a piece of string tightly around it to secure the paper around the ball.
  • Draw 2 eyes and a mouth.
  • Tie a long string at the top of the ball so the little ghost can hang from the ceiling. Fun Halloween activities to do with a group.

Have the children prepare a  Halloween Art Gallery  decorate the classroom with their very own Trick or Treat Bag.

Halloween Coloring Pages

Trick or Treat Bags


A recycling bag  (canvas)  from the grocery store. 

A paper grocery bag 



Black, orange, and yellow construction paper

Halloween stickers

Black, orange, and yellow pieces of yarn


Transparent tape

  • Cut the paper grocery bag open.
  • Let the kids decorate the inside of the bag.
  • Wrap it around the recycling canvas grocery bag and tape both ends together.
  • Secure it by stapling the paper bag to the recycling canvas bag. 
  • Put some tape on the staple for safety.

Plan a Halloween Party for your preschoolers and they can watch and help you prepare special Halloween treats!

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