Groundhog Day Crafts

Easy Groundhog Day Crafts

Groundhog Puppet in a Cup


Paper Drinking Cup

Brown construction paper

Popsicle Stick

Circles for eyes


Cotton balls

How to do :

Cover the cup with white cotton balls.

Make a slit in the bottom of the cup wide enough to insert a popsicle stick.

Cut out a groundhog from the brown construction paper.

Glue eyes on the groundhog.

Glue the little groundhog at the top of the stick.

Insert the stick in the cup.

The groundhog can now peep out of the ground to see his shadow. What a great Groundhog Day Craft idea!

Groundhog Finger Puppet

Happy Groundhog Day


Template for Groundhog

Brown construction paper


Cut out the groundhog shape and the circle where the children when insert their fingers.

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