Grandparents Day

Grandparents are an essential part of every family! September was chosen because it represents the autumn years of life.
Here you will find tips and ideas on how to make this year's Grandparents day a memorable one!

Grandparents Day Crafts

Family Tree

Supplies: pencils, beige, green and, brown construction paper, scissors, glue stick

  • Trace the tree pattern on a beige construction paper and have the kids cut it out.
    For the younger ones, simply let them color the tree.
  • Trace the leaf pattern on green construction paper and have the kids cut them out.
  • Glue the tree on a beige construction paper.
  • Help them write down the name of their family members on each leaf.
  • Start to glue grandma and grandpa leaves on the bottom branches
    then the parent leaves next
    and finish off with the siblings on top.
    Tip: Don't forget to include your pets!!

    Make an extra one for each grandparents on Grandparents day.

    Book markers

    Supplies: cardboard, markers, a picture of each kid, hole puncher, bright colored cord

  • Cut out a bookmarker for each kid.
  • Let them color the front and back of the bookmarker.
    Glue the child's picture on it.
  • Tape it with clear packaging tape for durability.
  • Punch a hole on the top.
  • Slip a cord through the hole and make a tight knot.

    A beautiful bookmarker for grandpa and grandma!

    TV Remote Holder Case for Grandpa

    Supplies: cardboard, markers, a picture of each kid, wide transparent tape

  • Make a sleeve out of cardboard and tape the sides together.
    The sleeve should be large enough to insert a universal TV remote.
  • Let the children color it as they wish. Glue a small picture of the child on it.
  • Tape it with clear packaging tape for durability.

    Baking with Grandma

    Grandparents Day Games

    A Letter to my Grandma

    Write down on a small envelope "To Grandma"

    Have the kids sit down in a circle and cross their legs.
    Give the envelope to one of the kids.
    Ask the others to sing the following song:

    "I wrote a letter to my grandma
    on the way I dropped it
    a little doggy picked it up
    and put it in his pocket."

    As the kids sing the song, the little one carrying the letter
    walks around the circle and drops the letter behind one of them.
    When that child see the letter behind him, he has to pick it up run around the circle and try to tag his friend.

    The letter carrier has to quickly run around the circle and sit in that kid's spot before he gets tagged!The game starts again with the new letter carrier...

    Matching Game

    Kids bring a picture of their grandparents and a picture of themselves.

  • Glue them on a separate piece of white construction paper.

  • Have a show and tell game where each child will present their picture and talks about their grandparents.
  • Following the show and tell, mix all the picture together and spread them on the floor.
  • Each child will pick a friend's picture and try to find the matching grandpa or grandma.
    A great way to celebrate Grandparents Day!

    Grandparents Day Songs and Rhymes

    Fishing with Grandpa

    Grandpa takes me fishing
    Grandma takes me shopping,
    I love my Grandpa, love my Grandma,
    50 hugs and kisses

    A great little poem that kids can sing to their grandparents on Grandparents day.

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