Free Preschool Activities

Free Preschool Worksheets

Preschool Worksheets are used as a teaching tool to increase children's understanding of various concepts, topics and subjects. They are also an evaluation tool and assist teachers in following classroom progress as well as individual progress. Results will help plan and tweak the curriculum as the need arises. In addition to being a valuable tool in your preschool program for teaching concepts and topics, worksheets are entertaining and fun for preschoolers.

Alphabets, Numbers & Shapes

Letter A
Letter B

Number 1 
Number 2


Back To School

Matching Crayon Activity 
School Maze Activity
Back to School Book Marker
School Cut and Paste Activity
Dot-to-Dot Pencil Activity
Back To School Tracing Activity


Groundhog Activity Worksheet 

Holiday Events

Valentine Activity Worksheet 
Christmas Activity Worksheet

 Preschool Worksheets in Your Program

  • Enable to better follow the children's progress
  • Children engage in their learning through worksheets
  • Develops their memory, and capacity to retain material learned
  • Great for visual learners
  • Focus on one concept at a time
  • Pictures on worksheets entertain as well as teach children new concepts, subjects or topics
  • Increases their attention span

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