Farm Animal Lesson Plan

Planning  a Farm Animals Theme

Your objectives

Recognize animals that live on a farm.

Learn the names of the animal and their babies.

What do these animals like to eat.

What do these animals produce for us.

Concepts to Introduce

Color: Red

Shapes: Square: Circle

Letters: A  B

Numbers: 1

Gather your supplies

Books  on farm animals

Pictures of farm animals

Activity  worksheets,

Farm Animal Activity Sheets and Coloring Pages


Horse and Apple Tree

Chicken Puzzle

Pig Mask


Introducing Farm Animal Theme

Introduce the farm animal theme during  at the beginning of the time routine

If you find that the children want to stay with the farm animal theme, that they are really into it, simply add a few more days of activities around that theme.

Let the children tell you when they are ready to move on to another theme.

Farm Animal Songs

Printable farm animal masks. The children can choose which animal they would like to be and color them. Great props for your concert.

Farm Animal Songs are fun and easy for kids to learn. Practice them every day and plan a special event for the end of the week.

You can easily put on a concert and invite the teachers and other children in the day care.

Farm Animal Songs

Farmer in the Dell

 Farm Animal Story

The Little Turkey  Story

A Story about a little turkey who decides one morning to get up real early, walk up to the mountain top and watch the sunrise. It is a very easy story for the children to learn. You can adapt it into a short play and present it to teachers and other children in the day care.

Show And Tell

 Ask the children to bring  a farm animal toy, or a picture or book from home that deals with farm animals. 

Prepare a little display center and a little table on which  the children can place their items for the week.

Identify each item with the owners name.

Each day, during show and tell let the kids take turns to talk about their items to the group.

This is a great opportunity to develop the chidrens' speaking and presentation skills. Be a role model and bring your item from the home and participate in the Show and Tell. They will model your  presenting skills.

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