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A cool breeze is coming our way! Autumn is the coolest season of them all. Cool not cold! After a long summer slumber...It's time to get back to a routine. Vacation is over.

Some kids go back to Day Care, some go back to school. To start off the new will find here fun and easy Fall coloring pages,songs, and activities you can do with your kids.

Fall Coloring Pages



Fall Leaves

Playing in the Leaves

Fall Craft s

Hand Print Leave


  • white construction paper
  • , markers (red, green, brown, orange, and yellow),
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • one large white Bristol/Poster

Trace the outline of your kids and your hands on a white construction paper.

Have the kids color inside the outline.

Help them cut out the hand.

Draw the outline of a large tree on the white Bristol/Poster Board.

Tape the colorful handprints leaves on the tree.

Fall Songs and Rhymes

Wind is blowing

Wind is blowing, wind is blowing,

Trees are swaying,trees are swaying,

All the leaves are falling,

All the leaves are falling ,

On the ground,On the ground

Tip: This is a fun music and movement song. Have the kids sway like trees and fall to the ground.

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