Earth Day Games

Earth Day Fun Activities

On April 22th, nations across the world celebrate Earth Day. Schools, Day Cares gather together to play Earth Day Games.

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Earth Day Games

I Spy the Litter Bug

Go outdoors with the children and walk around the neighborhood.

Start off the game by spotting and describing a litter found on the ground. Have the children guess which one by giving them hints.

Example: Spot a crunch empty bag of chips. I spy with my little eye a litter that is blue and grey...

Have children take turn. It a great way to develop children observation skills.

Litter Bug Scavenger Game


  • Litter Bug printouts
  • Small markers or stickers
  • A bag and a pair of plastic gloves

Print out the Litter Bug sheet and go outside with the children. Take a walk around the neighborhood.

When a child spots a matching litter, cross it out on the sheet and give the child a sticker. Put the litter in your bag.

See how many you can find!

Give each child a sticker at the end of game for a jobwell done!

Earth Day Recycling Songs

Recycling Song

Sing to the tune of: Mary Had a Little Lam

Hear the cans go crunch, crunch crunch

Crunch, crunch, crunch

Crunch, crunch, crunch

Hear the cans go crunch, crunch crunch

Recycle for our earth

Hear the paper

Cinckle, crinckle,

Crinckle, crinckle,


Hear the paper crinckle, crinckle,

Recycle for our earth.

Pick It Up!

Sing to the tune of: London Bridge

Keep our water safe and clean

Safe and clean

Safe and clean

Don't pollute your local stream

Pick the trash up!

Sing to the tune of: This is the Way

See the litter, pick it up

Pick it up

Pick it up

See the litter, pick it up

Don't you be a litter bug!

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