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Circus Coloring Pages

Circus Coloring Pages



Circus Songs and Rhymes

The Little Clown

This little clown jumps up and down

This little clown goes round and round

This little clown has a smile on his face

And this little clown has a frown on his face

And this little clown can do anything at all

Let's All Go to the Circus Today

Sing to the tune of : Mary Had A Little Lamb

Let's all go to the circus today

The circus today, the circus today

Let's all go to the circus today

And watch the animals play

Other Verses:

See the lions jump through the hoops... At the circus today

See the big seals spinning balls... At the circus today

See the little dogs jump and twirl...At the circus today

Little Clown

Sing to: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little clown short and fat

Here is my tummy, here is my hat

I can do a trick as you will see

Just turn around and look at me

Circus Games

Let's go Fishing


Fishing pole with a dowel


Clothes pin

A large board or type of divider

How to play:

Have an adult kneel behind the board

Let the children toss their fishing line over a divider

The adult can clip a Prize onto their pole.

Ducks in the Pond


12 little rubber ducks

Permanent marker

Little paper bags

Small prizes such as candy bars, stickers, candies...

Write numbers 1-3 under the ducks

Fill bags with little prizes and lable them with numbers 1-3

Float the ducks in a large container or in a wading pool.

To play:

Give the child each a turn.

When they get the answer right they get to chose a duck. Check the number on the underside of the duck and let the child chose a corresponding surprise bag

A child selects s duck from the pond. They receive a prize from the box matching their number and then place the duck back in the pond.

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