Christmas Coloring Pages

The Christmas Tree

If you can get your hands on a second hand Christmas Tree good for you! Print out these Christmas Coloring pages. A great Christmas Activity.

You can decorate with these Coloring Pages and have children follow these simple ornaments ideas below!

However, if you are unable to get a tree for your class, no sweat! You can build your own tree on one of your walls with green construction paper. Children will love this!

They will get to hang (or tape) their ornaments onto the wall tree!

You can even have your Circle Time sitting by this wall!

Let the children give their ideas for decorating it.

Print these tree ornament patterns and have the children color and decorate with glitter, string, stickers anything handy.

Then cut out and glue onto a stiffer cardboard, make a hole at the top for a string if you wish and stick it on your wall Christmas Tree!

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas Card

How about a 3-D ornament ?

Print out 2 copies of each Christmas coloring pages of ornaments.

Christmas Tree Ornament

  • Cut out and glue sides together leaving an opening of about 2 inches.
  • Stuff ornament with cotton balls or tissue paper.
  • Glue the remaining opening.
  • Decorate and punch a hole at the top to put a string through to hold up ornament in your tree.

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