Birthday Party Games

Here are a few of the Classic Birthday Party Games that have past the test of time.
You may also follow these few tips to make it a successful Birthday Party!

Tips for a successful Birthday Party

Pin the Tail on the Donkey


  • large picture of a donkey or other animal without the tail
  • cardboard
  • marker
  • scissors
  • tape

    How to play:

  • Tape the picture on a wall at the child's level.
  • Place a piece of tape at the end of each tail
  • Give each child a tail with their name written on it
  • Line up the children and tell them they will tape the tail on the donkey
  • Blindfold the first child's eyes and point him/her in the right direction
  • After each child has had a turn, check to see which tail is the closest to where it should be.

    Bean Bag Toss


  • Hula hoop or a basket
  • A bunch of beanbags or clean socks rolled up in a ball

    How to play:

  • Place a hula-hoop or a basket on the floor
  • Line the children up a few feet away
  • Have each child take a turn tossing four beanbags into the hula hoop or basket

    Musical Chairs


  • chairs or little carpets (one less chair than the number of children playing
  • Music

    How to play:

  • Line up a row of chairs back to back in a circle
  • Turn up the music and have the children walk clockwise around the chairs
  • When the music stops each one has to find a chair to sit on
  • One child will be left without a chair
  • Do this till one chair and one child remains
    Continue to play until only one child is left.

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