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Beaver Coloring Pages

Beaver Coloring Pages

In these Beaver coloring pages Little Beaver is looking around for another tree he can sink his teeth in. He wants to build his home!!

Beaver hard at work!

Songs and Rhymes about Beavers

Forest Animal Coloring Pages

The Beaver Dance

Beavers One, Beavers All,

Let's all do the Beaver crawl!

Beavers Two, Beavers Three,

Let's all climb the Beaver tree!

Beavers Four, Beavers Five,

Let's all do the Beaver Jive!<

Beavers Six, Beavers Seven,

Let's all go to Beaver heaven!

Beavers Eight, Beavers Nine,

STOP! - - It's Beaver Time!

Go Beaver! Go Beaver! Go Beaver!

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