Apple Crafts

Apple Time Placements


  1. Apple
  2. Red and Green paint
  3. Thick construction paper (size of a placemat)

Cut an apple in half

Dip in red or green paint

Let the children stamp their placemats

Perfect time to teach them new

Write the name of the child and the date on the back of the placemate


Tip: Can be used as their placemat during

Hanging Apples


  1. paper plates, red paint, apple seeds
  2.  glue
  3. green and brown construction paper

Let the children paint the edge and the backside of the paper plates red

Glue precut construction paper leaves and stems.

Glue a few apple seeds in the centers of the white sides of their plates.

Attach a string in the top part of the apple

Hang from the ceiling to decorate your classroom!

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