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Teaching Preschoolers the alphabet should be weaved naturally into your preschool curriculum. There are ample opportunities to where children can learn the alphabets.

The key to teaching children concepts is repetition!


Use every opportunity to make the alphabets visible in our classroom. Decorate with the ABC's in mind.

  • Names on the child's locker (make the first letter larger and bolder)
  • Name each section of your classroom the A room, B room, C room...
  • Make little Alphabet mobiles and hang them around the room
  • Decorate your bulletin board with the ABC's.

  • Hear

    Repetition is good. If children hear the letters of the alphabets often they will remember them.

    • Sing the alphabet song
    • Call out their names by using the first letter of their name. (All "B" sit down, all "C" stand up
    • Sing the Alphabet Song

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  • Leave a box of letter magnets within the child's reach. Play games with the magnets.
  • ABC Blocks are also great for learning the alphabets.

  • Taste

  • Let them eat their ABC's.
  • Alphabet Crackers
  • Alphabet Cheese
  • Alphabet Shaped Cookies

  • Learning the Alphabet with Worksheets

    Alphabet Worksheets are another way to introduce the ABC`s to preschoolers. In this case they are using hand-eye coordination. You can use the finishes product to decorate your class.

    Worksheet for the letter A
    Worksheet for the letter B

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