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Alligator Coloring Pages

About Alligators

  • Alligators are from the family of reptiles
  • They live in the United States and in China
  • They can weight up to 800 pounds!
  • Young alligators eat fish, insects, snails, crustaceans, and worms.

  • Alligator Songs and Rhymes

    Alligator Pie

    Alligator, alligator
    Alligator pie.
    If I don't get some,
    I think I'm gonna cry.

    You can take away the grass,
    Take away the sky,
    But don't take away
    My Alligator pie.

    Alligator in the Pool

    There was an alligator sitting on a log.
    Down in the pool he saw a little frog.
    In jumped the alligator!
    Around went the log!
    Splash went the water, and away swam the frog!


    Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream,
    If you see an alligator don't forget to scream!

    Ally Alligator

    Five little monkeys swinging in a tree,
    Teasing Ally Alligator, "Hey, you can't catch me."
    But along came Ally Alligator quiet as can be
    He snapped a monkey right out of that tree!

    4 little monkeys,
    3 little.......,
    2, 1...)
    No little monkeys swinging in a tree
    Cause Ally Alligator caught them all, you see.
    All alone is Ally Alligator, quiet as can be
    With only the wind blowing that tree.

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