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Groundhog Day

Facts about Groundhog Day

So groundhogs that come out of their holes is a sure sign that winter is ending and that spring is near.

  • Groundhog Day is celebrated every year on February 2nd.
  • According to the legend, on this morning, if a groundhog can see its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter.
  • If it cannot see its shadow, spring is on the way.
  • Groundhogs hibernate all winter and they come out of their burrows as the weather warms up.

Groundhog Day Coloring Pages

Happy Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day Worksheet

Groundhog Day Finger Puppet

Groundhog Rhymes and Songs

Mr. Groundhog

Sing to the tune of "Brother John"

Mr. Groundhog, Mr. Groundhog

Take a peek, Take a peek.

If you see your shadow

The weather will be awful

For six more weeks, six more weeks.

Ten Little Groundhogs

Sing to the tune of "Ten Little Indians"

One little, two little, little three little groundhogs.

Four little, five little Six little groundhogs.

Seven little, eight little Nine little groundhogs.

All Sleeping underground.

I'm a Little Groundhog

Sing to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little groundhog short and stout,

February second I will come out.

If I see my shadow they will shout,

"Six weeks more winter without doubt!"

Groundhog Day Recipes

Groundhog in a Hole

Prepare a donut for each child.

Print out a picture of a groundhog and glue it at the top of a Popsicle stick.

Have a groundhog poke his head out of the donut hole.

Groundhog Cupcakes

Make cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Insert 2 vanilla wafers as the ears. on the top edge of the frosted cupcake.

Insert 2 yellow m&m's for the eyes. Use a red m&m for the nose. Use 2 white mini marshmallows for the teeth.

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