Fall Crafts Ideas for Kids

Fall Crafts Ideas for Kids

Fall Tissue Paper Tree


  • a black marker,
  • strips of tissue paper (brown, yellow, orange, red, and green)rolled up in little balls,
  • glue.
  • white construction paper.
  • Draw the outline of the tree.
  • Let the kids glue lots of little balls of tissue paper on the tree.

Papa and Mama and Baby Leaf


  • different shaped leaves that you have waxed, glue,
  • a large construction paper.

Let the kids choose a leaf for the head, the body, two arms and two legs. Wax the leaves.

On a piece of construction paper, let the kids glue the leaves to shape a mama ,a papa or a baby.

Leaf Mobile


  • Two branches (about 12" long), string,

  • construction paper in fall color
  • scissors,
  • marker,
  • hole puncher

Trace the outline of the different leaf shapes( oak, maple, birch...)on different colored construction paper.

Have the kids cut out the shape.

Punch a hole in the stem of each leaf.

Attach the branches criss cross with a piece of string.

Attach a piece of string (different lengths) to each leaf.

Attach a string in the center of the branches and hang it on the ceiling

Apple Orchard Fall Crafts


  • Empty paper rolls (large and small),
  • green paint ,
  • small paintbrush,
  • white bristol board,
  • red tissue paper rolled up in little balls

Have the kids paint the tree trunks brown.

Trace and cut the outline of a small and large tree tops.

Paint it green on both sides and let it dry.

Let the kids glue little red ball on both sides of the tree top.

Slit the top of the paper roll and insert the tree tops.

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