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Free Preschool Activities website full of resource to help you plan your program.  Preschools  are busy places! They are colorful, energetic and inviting places where preschoolers come to play, to learn and to develop their creativity.

Here are a few types of  activities out of many you will find on our website.                    



Lesson Plans




These activities will help teachers set up preschool activities that are educational and fun and that will support and encourage preschoolers to learn and to develop their creativity.

You can download and print these preschool activities coloring pages worksheets and resources all for free.

100’s of tips and ideas to implement in your preschool program or back to school program that will grab your preschooler’s interest, offer opportunity for their growth and enhance their creativity.

Free Preschool Activities

It all starts in the preschool classroom setting. This classroom is divided into preschool  centers or sometimes called workshops or areas.

These areas are beneficial to preschoolers as it encourages them to make choices. These centers can satisfy their needs for self worth, for learning and for succeeding. And it is happening in a  fun and enjoyable environment.

Our content is practical and versatile for preschool and kindergarten teachers, home schooling parents, daycare teachers, child care providers, as well as for after-school programs. Back to school programs can be set up easily.

We have created main categories of preschool themes that will link to other sub categories such as songs, crafts, games...

We have made every effort to ensure that you can navigate through our site easily and prepare your preschool lesson plans and programs in a few easy steps!

Our list of  activities is continually growing adding a large variety of topics, activities, seasonal activities as well as activities for holidays and special occasions

On our website you will find lots of lesson plans for preschoolers, coloring pages for kids, crafts, preschool worksheets, indoor and outdoor  preschool games, as well as menu and snack ideas to assist you with your preschool program. 

Planning  fun and educational  activities ahead of time can be quick and easy with our website! We have built this site to support teachers, caregivers, parents and grandparents in planning and preparing activities for preschoolers.  

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